Smart Operations as a Service


The worldwide space industry has been evolving – and so are we. Drawing from decades of operations experience, we have reinvented spacecraft operations through a new solution for the commercial needs of the future: smart Operations, as a Service (OaaS).

Working hand-in-hand with the EASE-Rise platform, our OaaS solution is a true end-to-end service, adapted to your needs using lean processes and automation, resulting in more cost-efficient operations.

From demo missions to multi-satellite constellations, our smart OaaS offering is flexible to fit the current need and designed to scale for the future.



  • Outpace your competitors with lean mission development, optimized to fit your timeline and operational needs.
  • Choose your services and degree of involvement with a comprehensive ground segment and satellite operations portfolio.
  • Scale your operations for multi-satellite constellations and 24/7 availability of ground segment infrastructure and personnel.


  • Rely on operations expertise developed over decades performing critical operations for a wide variety of mission types.
  • Realize your mission with a genuine end-to-end solution designed for multi-asset orchestration and workflow across ground segment functions.
  • Strengthen your business with an established industry leader offering transparency and accountability.


  • Reduce operational costs through shared ground segment infrastructure, semi-automated operations and lean processes.
  • Avoid ground segment development and recruitment costs with resources and expertise, adapted to your needs.
  • Control mission expenses with clear service pricing and contractual flexibility.