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Telespazio Germany’s Operations as a Service (OaaS) is an all-inclusive portfolio of ground segment OaaS, you benefit from life-long experience in satellite operations and a team invested in matching your timeline and constellation ambitions – no matter the size.


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Day-to-day Operations


With our day-to-day operations setup, we ensure that your satellite or constellation runs smoothly and your data is delivered on time and with no data loss.

  • Fully automated day-to-day monitoring, control and reporting.
  • Planning software supports the complex trade-off between ground station availability, on board storage capacity and priority downloads.
  • Operations personnel are present to respond to interrupts and anomalies.
  • Operated from Telespazio Germany’s control centre, with the flexibility to connect from anywhere in the world.
  • Accountability for the timeliness and completeness of the data via KPIs.
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Launch and Post-launch Operations


The launch and post-launch activities require a greater operational effort than the largely automated, day-to-day operations.

  • To streamline the commissioning of your satellite(s), we allocate additional personnel and ground station support.
  • A team of seasoned engineers, with vast critical mission phase experience, acquires and controls the satellite(s) after launch.
  • Evaluation of the space-to-ground link against tests done on ground.
  • Staged transition towards automated operations.



Telespazio Germany is committed to the sustainability of space and advocates safe disposal of satellites close to their projected end of life.

  • Strategies are in place for atmospheric re-entry or disposal in a graveyard orbit.
  • Guided by engineers with hands-on experience in depletion burns, venting of remaining gases and passivation of hardware and software.
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