Monitoring and Control

Spacecraft, ground stations and any other elements of the mission are described in EASE-Rise in a consistent manner through a set of metrics, properties and commands. This allows the operator to have complete control and gain powerful insights into the entire system's status and performance.

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Smart data aggregation for streamlining operations

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Modern visualisation tools

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Plug-in architecture for telemetry and telecommand chains

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Protocol-agnostic approach


Monitoring and Control Concept


Access all spacecraft, their subsystems and even external assets details relevant for the supervision of your mission through an innovative and modular design.

  • Single Source of Truth: All mission elements, like ground stations and spacecraft, are grouped in a single Mission Tree.

  • Platform-Agnostic: All mission elements are described consistently by a set of metrics, properties and commands.

  • Grouping: Complex constellation missions are efficiently managed by grouping the spacecraft by orbital planes, platform type, payload type, etc.

  • Flexibility: Additional or obsolete spacecraft and ground stations can be easily added or removed from your Mission Tree.

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Data Visualization


An end-to-end overview of your system, allowing you to investigate and analyse any situation through modern visualisation techniques and a solid and versatile architecture to support heterogeneous satellite platform solutions.

  • Data Lake: Real-time data are accessed for live operations monitoring in the same manner as historical engineering data for trending and performance verification.

  • Data Visualization: Mimics are created to monitor the health status of an entire constellation as well as of a single subsystem.

  • Customization: Dashboards can be created choosing from a wide range of visualization elements that facilitate monitoring and investigation based on the operator needs.

  • Multi-Asset Visualization: Dashboards can collect data from different assets and highlight the most relevant information to the operator.



Telemetry and Telecommand


Manage different Telemetry and Telecommand chains, no matter what protocols are utilized by the asset of the Mission Tree.

  • Plug-in Architecture: The encoding and decoding chain are built from an extensive library of components that support the most popular protocols.

  • Protocol-Agnostic: Multiple assets using different protocols can be operated within the same Mission Tree.

  • Monitoring: Access to real-time telemetry as well as historical housekeeping data for performance trending and investigations.

  • Commanding: Single commands can be released to an asset very quickly from the Control Panel or custom stacks of commands can be edited by the operator.

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