Mission Design & Simulation

EASE-Rise simulations respond to the various needs of your mission by allowing you to:

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Create new composition for your spacecraft and analyze the benefits of new hardware integration.

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Analyze numerous permutations of parameters to identify the best configuration for your mission.

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Reuse your models.

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Exploit the permutation capabilities of the platform to find the best solution in the shortest time.


Simulation Concept

EASE-Rise provides a simulation-workflows design tool to create complex missions.

You can use the generic models provided by the platform or create your own based on your requirements.

The simulation concept works on four key features:

Visual Design

Use a workflow approach to design simulation composition.

Models Repository

Store all your models in a database for easy access.


Directly configure the key parameters that you define within your models.


Create dependencies between your models for a more complex system.


What-If Analysis

EASE-Rise provides a powerful What-If analysis to run an infinite number of permutations on a chosen scenario.

It allows performing this analysis via these 3 simple steps:


  • Select a base simulation composition.
  • Choose a period of time to run the simulations.
  • Create a set of permutations of one or more parameters.


  • Instantiates containers in the cloud environment.
  • Loads the simulators with the composition.
  • Initializes the simulators with the defined composition values.
  • Runs the simulations in parallel over the possible permutations for quicker results.


  • Performs quick comparisons of results between the different permutations.
  • Identifies the best configuration to meet your mission requirements and needs.


Real-time Simulation

EASE-Rise provides a powerful real-time simulation capability.

Real-time Simulation

  • Generates and stores the simulation data and behaviour in real-time.
  • Executes the simulation in real-time, allowing the operator to train or prepare for a specific situation or mission.

Simulation vs Reality Comparison

  • Compares the recorded simulated data against actual data, live or offline.
  • Compares the recorded simulated behaviour against the actual behaviour, live or offline.


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