Mission Planning

Planning in EASE-Rise provides for a consolidated and automated approach to scheduling the tasks of your mission assets, whether these are spacecraft, ground stations or any other element of the mission. In EASE-Rise all are treated in the same manner and can be part of the operational planning process.

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Determine the feasibility of your operations and observations through the predefined and extendable analysis interface.

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Create reusable planning workflows, employing them across your mission to optimize the efficiency and reliability of your operations.

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Use our expanding library of functions to design workflows and plan your operations, adding your own functions for your specific operational needs.


Planning Concept


The EASE-Rise Mission Planning component facilitates your operations on a daily basis, whether routine or for specific needs such as one-time operations or contingency operations. Within EASE-Rise you have the capacity to access all assets defined for the performance of your mission and optimize the operations.

  • Plan activities for your spacecraft, their subsystems, ground stations or even eternal assets.
  • Take advantage of an innovative and modular design to create and reused elements for your planning processes.
  • Gain full visibility over all the activities planned for the constellation through smart visualisation or drill down at the single satellite level in a very easy way.
  • Streamline the operations of your entire space and ground segments as your business and constellation grow.
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Planning Features


Feasibility Analysis

  • Check the feasibility of your payload operations and determine the opportunity windows to be injected in the planning process for the unique or repetitive operations of your mission.
  • Tailor the analysis to your specific needs and promptly respond to a customer request.

Mission Planning

  • Create tailored workflows for your mission operations taking multiple assets into consideration and automating the planning logic.
  • Define multiple planning approaches, multiple planning stages or simply a single workflow that plans them all.
  • Define specific workflow for a given asset and re-use workflows across multiple assets.

Asset Supervision

  • Visualize your activities in fully configurable dashboards through graphical timelines, time series graphs and many more useful visualization elements.
  • Explore the details via tooltips directly or through the tabular representations of the planning results.


Planning Flexibility


Workflows and planning processes can be defined for all areas of your mission. We achieve this through a very flexible approach that can grow with you.

Workflow Configuration

  • Use our expanding library of functions to design workflows and plan your operations.
  • Easily extend the library and create custom functions using the plugin architecture if needed for your mission.

Asset Configuration

  • Create assets and sub-components to support your planning processes, whether physical or virtual.
  • Create repetitive tasks and activity definitions to define your operations at every scale.
  • Multiple elements are taken into consideration facilitating an automated approach.
  • Combine with the automation component to provide one- touch, hands-off or quick near-real-time re-planning operations.
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