Mission Development



Our Mission Development service provides you with a fast track ticket to the launch of your asset. Focus on your business without the hassle of conceiving and procuring a mission operations infrastructure, we take care of it!

A multitude of steps lie in between the conceptualization of a mission and its actual launch. To unlock the full potential of your NewSpace business, Telespazio Germany’s life-long experience in satellite operations provides you with the necessary knowledge to lay a solid foundation for your space systems and operations.


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Operations Preparation


Achieve your mission objectives thanks to a tailored mission operations concept (CONOPS) based upon lean processes and efficiency.

  • Design and roll out a CONOPS that is aligned with customer needs and timeline.
  • Develop and validate operational products for effective and efficient day-to-day operations.
  • Establish key performance requirements and indicators to monitor them.
  • Define clear interfaces between all stakeholders.
  • Utilize Telespazio Germany’s expertise to train highly qualified operations personnel.
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Ground Segment Roll-Out


Your mission will be equipped with high-quality, secure and cost-efficient space-to-ground and ground-to-ground communications.

  • Develop a tailored solution for the payload data system and space operations platform.
  • Define the optimal ground station network to enable the customer mission.
  • Design a secure and reliable communication network between the system’s nodes.
  • Implement, integrate and verify the ground segment architecture elements and interfaces.


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