Automation in EASE-Rise plays a central role in achieving streamlined and efficient operations of large constellations and can trigger all possible functionalities.

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Design complex workflows to react to and handle situations without human interaction.

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Definition warning conditions that aggregate all information available in the platform to detect contingency situations.


Automation Workflows


EASE-Rise provides the capability to define workflows that automate the execution of tasks, generation of mission plans and more complicated script-based activities that help you streamline operations. The automation is based on the following 4 pillars:

  • Execution: Trigger automation workflows from alerts or schedule them periodically for routine tasks.

  • Functions Repository: Access a large library of functions to create automation mechanisms and adapt them to your mission.

  • Single Source of Truth: Reach the full potential by being able to access and control all the assets belonging to your mission.

  • Scalability: Orchestrate multiple automation workflows to optimize your mission to the maximum extent possible.

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Warning System


To add resilience to your day-to-day operations, EASE-Rise provides you with the means to detect anomalous events and be able to react in time. The platform eventually allows you to handle both routine and contingency scenarios autonomously without human interaction.

  • Detection: Define alert conditions that aggregate all the information available within the platform to detect specific failure modes and identify their root cause.

  • Reaction: Use warnings to trigger the automated responses defined within specific workflows.

  • Adaptation: Update the alerts criteria and workflows as your operational experience and constellation size grow.

  • Scheduling: Automatically re-plan your payload activities when anomalies occur, to ensure that KPIs are met.



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